Quick facts about Jamaica

  • Geography
    Jamaica is located in the Caribbean, being 4,244 square miles in size. The island is found at longitude and latitude of 18° 15′ N and 77° 30′ W. Jamaica’s landscape is one of cool lush mountains and hillsides, lush green valleys in the northern and interior parts of the island and sprawling warm plains in the southern regions. ​
  • Jamaica has numerous rivers and watershed areas such as Rio Cobre, Dunn’s River Falls, Rio Minho, Black River and Milk River. There are also many white sand beaches, especially on the northern coasts. 

Jamaica is divided into parishes: Kingston, St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Manchester, Clarendon, St. Catherine, St. Andrew, St. Thomas, Portland, St. Mary, St. Ann, Trelawny, St. James, Hanover. Jamaica’s largest parish is St. Ann (1213 sq. km). 

Tropical. Hot summers with rainy months being in April to June and October to November.

  • Capital

Gained independence from England on August 6, 1962.

  • Population
    Jamaica has just under 3 million people.

  • Language
    Jamaican English, Creole (Patois)
  • Government
    Parliamentary Democracy.
  • Currency
    The Jamaican Dollar
  • Prime Minister
    Andrew Holness (presently)

  • Motto
    “Out of many one people”

  • Demographics
    91% African-Black  with minority Indians, White, Chinese, Syrians.

  • Main Exports
    Sugar,  Bauxite,  Alumina, Bananas, Coffee, Rum & Citrus.
  • Jamaica’s claim to fame
    Reggae,  dancehall, Sports, Jerk Food, Marijuana, Rum and white sand beaches.

  • Religion
    Mainly Christianity along with African retentions such as Kumina and Pocomania.
  • Calling Code
  • Time Zone
    Standard Time or GMT-5 hours.

  • Standard Voltage for Jamaica
    The electricity voltage in Jamaica is 110-120 volts 50 cycle. Some buildings will have 220 volts 50 cycle.

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