Learn from others

There is a saying that goes, “if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. In our attempts to become successful it is easy to lose sight of the need for guideposts to get us there. Reaching for our goals does not mean we have re-invent the wheel; it means taking the wheel and learning how build your own cart.


Everyone starts off as a rookie. You are no exception. Getting into business or any other field will require a learning curve. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is the willingness to endure the learning curve. You have one of two choices; you can either go it alone, and waste precious time fumbling until you learn or you can drastically shorten the learning curve by getting help from someone who has been around the block and can give you some pointers.

How to find mentors

Contrary to popular belief, finding a mentor is not very hard. In fact, you learnt how to find them from the time you attended school. When you were in class, who was the student you would go to for help when you felt lost. We grow up with these same kinds of people and often we know them as friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

The person who can help you could even be a relative. Do not be afraid to call them up and ask for advice or their opinions. When you find a good mentor you will keep them by respectfully listening to their advice and using them as a guide to take action. Just remember that no one will continue tutoring you if you just sit on your butt and don’t take action.

Stand on the shoulders of giants

Are you interested in fashion, art, finance, selling? Any kind of business or career you want to get into, find persons who are already in your field of interest and learn from them. Ask them about their experience, their mistakes and what they have learnt. A smart person learns from their mistakes but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

Not only can we learn from great achievers, but we can also use them as inspiration. Look up the biographies of Icons such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Stephen Spielberg. These are people who had a vision of the future and what they wanted out of life and found ways to make their vision a reality. Their stories are laced with details of struggle, passion and perseverance. Let their footsteps guide you as a template for what you want to achieve.

As if track star Usain Bolt could not add another notch on his belt the folks at Gatorade went and produced his own animated short, entitled, “The Boy Who Learned How to Fly”. This is yet another brilliant marketing strategy by Gatorade. The mere fact that the company launched this project underscores just how valuable Usain Bolt is as a brand.


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