How to make effective signage for your business

Every business that has a store location needs signage. A sign is what customers look for to identify your business. Bearing this in mind, there are certain things you have to put in consideration in order to make your signage effective.


Keep your sign simple. Avoid clutter as much as possible. It is a mistake to try and put as much information as possible on your sign. This can make your sign look jumbled, hard to read and amateurish. Also bear in mind that motorists only have a moment to see your sign, so a sign that is cluttered with information will be hard to read and as such ignored.


A sign must be able to catch a person’s attention in a split second. It must also be able to quickly give an idea of the message being sent. To achieve these two goals, your sign needs a focal point. The focal point of a sign is the one design element that stands out because of its size, colour or position. Using one large attractive image is one effective way to create a focal point. Using large bright, stylized text is another way to create a focal point.  


The use of colors is very important when creating signs. Using contrast helps to make important parts of your message “jump out” to the viewer. Use contrast to make your message stand out and grab a person’s attention. Poor contrast would be yellow text against a white background but a good example of contrast would be red text against a white background.


It is very important that your sign is visible whether it is day or nighttime. There are various ways in which a sign can be illuminated. One common method is the use of neon lights to surround, embed within or to form the text of the sign. Another lighting method is to use florescence to shine on or light up the sign from behind. These methods are effective at night but in daytime you must make sure that your sign is positioned in a spot where it is exposed to sunlight. 


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