How to beat procrastination in 5 steps

All of us procrastinate at one time or another. It can however develop into a habit that causes us to stagnate and achieve little or nothing in terms of success. The first thing you need to know is why you delay taking on a task that needs to be done.

The number one reason we procrastinate is fear. Many times we put something off because on the conscious or unconscious level we believe we will fail. Here are a few ways to overcome procrastination.


We often become overwhelmed with our “to do list” because of the level of complexity or the sheer amount of work it takes. If you break your tasks down into smaller units it will not seem so hard. In other words, do a little at a time. It’s like eating a meal; trying to eat 3 burgers in 30 minutes is much harder than eating 3 burgers in 24 hours.


If you feel stuck while sitting in front of a computer, get up and go outdoors. If you need to type a document go outside with a laptop and you will be amazed how a change of scenery can improve your mood and productivity. 


Do yourself a favor and check just how many hours you spend watching television. You will be shocked and amazed to see just how much time we spend distracting ourselves with watching TV.


If you start your day by checking email and your Facebook, page you will quickly find yourself getting sucked into a cycle of distraction. These two tasks are deceptively time consuming. If you must do them, be focused and do not click link after link. Get in, get out and do not go back until you have completed your list of things to do.


Like the Nike ad says, “just do it”. Sometimes all that is needed is to stop thinking about how hard the task is and just act. Before you know it you will build momentum and your fears will melt away.


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