Choosing a career…tips you should know

Choosing a career is a very big decision. It can determine the course of your life as well as affect the life of others around you. So when that moment comes and you finally decide what you really want to do, here are a few things you need to consider:

All kidding aside, if you are all excited about being the next world heavy weight champion and you are as skinny as an uncooked noodle and have a million allergies, then you are delusional. You do not have the physical capability to hurt anyone but you will get broken like a tooth pick. Try looking into something that requires a little more brains and a lot less brawn.

When it comes to a job which requires that human touch of compassion and empathy, some people are simply not cut out for it. If you want to become a nurse but have little or no people skills, impatient like a popcorn in a microwave and your countenance could make milk go sour, then do not apply to nursing school. The last thing a sick person needs is an ogre tending to their plight.

As for those who can’t wait to be the next big thing in music, here is a reality check. If you want to be a singer but you sound like when a cat is running away from a drowning, then you might want to reassess your career goals. Not to rain on your parade but the reality is that even those with talent will find it very challenging to get a break, so imagine your odds if you are tone deaf. If you are really serious despite the odds then get voice training before you go all karaoke

When choosing a career the important things to consider are:

  1. Go with your strengths.
  2. Choose something that you would do even if you were not paid.
  3. Choose a career that is marketable where you live.
  4. Choose a career that enhances the quality of life of others.

It is not always possible to meet all these criteria but the closer you can get to them, the greater you odds for massive success.


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