Boost your energy

Why am I so exhausted?

When you are juggling business, home life and maybe even school, it will take a toll on you. A lot of people who are entrepreneurial in their mindset tend to be workaholics. When they set a goal they will move heaven and earth to get it done. If you are not careful it can drain you severely, leaving you physically and emotionally weakened.

More is less

We tend to make the mistake that the more you push the more you can get done. The truth is if you are exhausted you become less effective in carrying out tasks. When your brain is tired its ability to be sharp, analytic and creative gets dulled. You might put in more hours but those hours become less productive. In fact, you can become tired to the point where you fall into depression. A lot of busy people fall prey to this without even realizing what is going on. Sooner or later they burn out and you begin to dread the idea of even going to work.

Recharge your batteries

One of the best tricks to being productive is to boost your energy. The number one way of achieving this is to sleep. At the end of the day the cells of your body are worn and tired. It is during sleep that the body goes into repair mode. While you are sleeping all your energy is diverted to recuperating. Sleep is nature’s way of recharging your body. A good night’s sleep will make you more energized and ready to take on the world of work.

The power of nutrients

Vitamins are important to maintaining good health. In particular you should stock up on B- Complex vitamins and iron. These help the body to maximize the energy in the food you eat. Make sure that each day you drink enough water. Usually eight glasses are recommended. Water helps in every process in the body and being dehydrated can cause fatigue, headaches and a general feeling of malaise.

Attitude is altitude

Attitude is everything. Being positive brings about positive energy whereas negativity can drain you. In a world with so many challenges, having a doom and gloom view of things can be a habit. Try to purposefully focus on the things that are working in your life. Adopt a sense of gratitude about what you have achieved, realizing that there are others who are facing darker circumstances than you are. Instead of focusing on a problem, focus on solutions. Remember that you are human and give yourself permission to make mistakes. Love yourself for who you are and this will offset a lot of your stress and anxiety which in turn will make you more energized.    


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