8 reasons why men cheat

Everybody knows that cheating is one of the risks of a relationship. Most acknowledge it is wrong, some believe it is unavoidable and others think they have a right. One thing cannot be denied though; where there is cheating there will be drama sooner or later. Accurate or not, men have earned a greater reputation for cheating. They say things like, “bird can fly pon one wing,” or “a suh di ting set.” So the question a lot of women have is; “why do men cheat?”

 Well here are a few reasons why.

  1. The steam has gone out of the relationship. After the pheromones lose their effect and they have tried every position some men become bored with their partner.
  • Lack of sex. It’s simple; if he is not being fed at home he may be tempted to eat elsewhere. Some men also complain that their partner is unwilling to try new things to add spice to their lovemaking.
  • You have changed. Most men will tell you that they love the women that they met. Unfortunately, women tend to change over time. Some men do not like this and oft complain that their lady has changed into a monster.
  • Revenge. Men do not like their manhood to be challenged. If you make them feel belittled or less of a man and unappreciated he is likely to seek approval elsewhere. If he can’t please you he may try to please someone else.
  • Ego. The awful truth is that some men do it for the ego trip. They want to have all these tales of sexual adventures to share with the “boys” over drinks. This type lives for the hype and adrenaline rush he gets and nothing makes him feel more macho than getting into a woman’s panties.
  • Sex addiction. Although it is considered a “cop out” excuse, numerous men have expressed that they are simply addicted to sex.
  • Afraid of commitment. Some men are scared witless at the thought of being with only one woman for the rest of their lives. They are often afraid of commitment and intimacy so they are always keeping their options open.
  • Lack of trust. There are some men who think that all women are cheaters. Their thinking is I’m going to do it to them before they do it to me. It is like a little psychological insurance. They are afraid of getting their hearts broken so they will play the field just in case one of his partners does him wrong he will just fall back on another of his mistresses.

And that is the sordid list. It’s not pretty but it is true. 


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