Dunn’s River is a world famous idyllic attraction in Jamaica. One of Jamaica’s natural treasures, the Dunn’s River Falls is about 5 kilometers from Ocho Rios. You can relax on the beach below or climb to the top of the falls. You can chill out in the water, letting it cascade over you or splash in the refreshing pools between the running waters.

The falls is about 600 feet up and some parts are slightly steep. It is customary to go up the falls holding hands with others for balance. You might also want to wear sturdy slippers to protect your feet from rocks which can be slippery as well as abrasive. Special footwear for climbing the falls is available for sale at the entrance.

The Dunn’s River experience is quite thrilling. The rush and roar of the cool waters contrasts with the tropical heat, making you appreciate the falls even more. When you need to take a brake there is a restaurant where you can get food, snacks and drinks. There are also bathroom facilities where you can change or freshen up.

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