​It is one thing to want success but it is another to fulfil one’s potential. I would prove this by drawing on a particular analogy. A baby eagle somehow ended up in a yard full of chickens. The baby eagle thought that it was a chicken and it learnt to do everything the chickens did by copying them. 

As they all grew into mature birds the eagle realized that digging into the dirt for worms was what chickens valued the most. Anyone who got the most worms was a winner. One day the eagle saw a eagle soaring overhead and he got so excited that a bird could fly so high. The chickens shrugged and said, “that’s an eagle. We don’t even dream of flying”.

In that moment the eagle has one of two choices. It can either go with the crowd and say “I cannot do that”, or it could say “What would happen if I try?” or “What would happen if I flap my wing and try to get off the ground?”

One of those choices leads to the eagle living the rest of its life scratching in the dirt for worms and the other would make it a master of the sky. The problem with many of us is that we think too small. We fail to realize our potential often because we give in to the opinions of others who are also small thinkers.

The only true way to live your life is to learn everything you can and develop every ability you have to their greatest limit. Many people give up because fulfilling potential requires effort, time and dedication. Let no one fool you; when you try to fly you will fall. You may fall numerous times.

Yet with each fall you learn to soar just a little bit longer. Whatever you want out of life, go for it. As the saying goes; aim for the star and if you miss you will still reach the moon. Believe that you are an eagle and you will fly.  

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