Never despise the days of small beginnings. It is a saying that holds pearls of wisdom for entrepreneurs. The path to building a business can be filled with days of struggle, mistakes and opposition.

Almost every person who started their own business will tell you that it demands more of your time and energy than working for someone else. It takes grit to run your own business. ​

If you intend to be a business owner, you first have to know one thing; why do you want to start a business? What is your motivation? If you are motivated solely by money then you will soon become frustrated, hang it all up and go back to writing resumes.

Almost every person who has built a thriving business has one thing in common. They got into business because of passion. They were passionate about something and they found a way to make a living from it.

So why is passion so important? It is because money never rolls in right away when you start a business. It will take time to build a customer base. A lot of people get scared during this waiting period. They lose motivation and they slacken their efforts.

Eventually the death of the business is not a result of having a bad business model. It was because of impatience and lack of motivation. Did you have a bad day? It will pass. Start fresh the next day. Also stay away from negative people. 

Even family members who mean well can end up discouraging you.The truth is that most people think you are doing something wrong if you are not making money right away. This is why so many simply go to work for others because it guarantees an instant paycheck. 

 If you want something greater you will need to learn one thing and it is grit. Never give up on your dreams. Other options will satisfy others but it will never satisfy you.

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